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Welcome to my Fundraising Site, for Breast, Ovarian and Cervical Cancer.

I’m back!!!

In 2011, I cycled across the Rift Valley in Kenya for Women V Cancer, to raise funds and along the way raise vital awareness of breast, ovarian and cervical cancers in memory of my lovely mum-in-law. 
We raised a massive £10,150 for these three great charities and I trained hard and achieved my goal of cycling 250 miles in Kenya, including reaching GOLD by cycling 13 miles up a mountain and reaching the top! It was the most amazing thing I had ever achieved personally whilst raising much needed funds for the charities.
In 2014, I did it again and took on another challenge; to cycle across Cuba and raised a total of £5,500 for the three charities. 
I said I wouldn’t do it again, but these horrendous diseases just aren’t going away are they!?!
My lovely cousin and a friend are doing a sterling job of fighting breast cancer, so I need to do my bit to help and decided that I needed to get back on my bike and cycle again for these three fab charities – Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.
I will be cycling 250 miles over 5 days through Ragasthan in India, leaving on 3 November 2018.  
As before, I will have my trusty cycling trainer and chief fund raiser by my side.  He has promised this time not to give helpful guidance in how to change my gears and in turn, I have promised not to ‘explain politely’ that I know full well how to change them – let the fun begin!
Any donation is very much appreciated, just click on the Justgiving ‘Sponsor Me’ link, thank you very much for any help you can give.
Love Alison x


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Cycle India Day 1 Setting up, bus transfer and Bharatpur to Karauli 43 miles

We started off our adventure with an overnight flight from Heathrow to Delhi and then a 5 1/2 hour bus ride to Agra.

The following morning was a visit to the amazing Taj Mahal with a one and a half hour bus transfer to Bharatpur where we would get measured up for our bikes ready for the first days biking the following morning. The bartender had his eye on me because as I ordered another BnC, he said ‘that’s 3 you’ve had now.’

Dinner was at 8.00pm so once finished, it was bed early as we were up at 5.00am.

Had a late start as a lorry had hit a bridge and the busses couldn’t get through to ferry us to the start.

Eventually set off, riding with Colleen, Clare, Mel and Helen, wearing my Scotland top bought by arr Dan in memory of our ‘Flower of Scotland’ my Dad x

Weather was cold in the morning but soon warmed up in the afternoon, it was very hazy, which turned out to be smog but with a slight breeze which was ok for cycling.
Helen’s chain came off just after a railway crossing and she fell off, knocking her sister Mel off as well. We saw a train flying past at high speed with people just hanging all over it, very scary.
Helen got her chain back on with the help of a mechanic and we set off again. After our first stop we passed through some awful towns, in one it was so busy with traffic, cows, dogs, camels and monkeys, we were struggling to get through.There was a huge drop to an open sewer on my left and unfortunately I nearly came off because I forgot to unclip, luckily an Indian chap pushed me back upright or else i would have been in the drain, very scary place!
Some enjoyed the challenge, I bloody hated it!
So far India’s not doing it for me, extremely dirty, constant traffic pipping their horns continually, highlight was a chap waving and shouting hello as he had a number 2!

On a positive, the majority of ladies and children are lovely and wave and smile, the men are sometimes rude or just stare.
At one point I lost Anne as a bus, taxi and several motorbikes blocked me in, I peddled like the wind to catch up with her!

We eventually got to the hotel, Bhawir Villas and I was sharing with Colleen in what we first thought was room 8, which turned out to be Tent Number 8!!
Bloody freezing water for the shower, horrendous nights sleep due to monkeys screaming, firecrackers going off, cars and lorries pipping etc etc, not a good night before 62 miles tomorrow!

PS Nearly forgot “SHORT GATE” Our leader Carole really kicked off when she saw us in our cycle shorts on day 1. Apparently we were all told that we didn’t need baggy trousers. Carole insisted that we did because local men love white women’s ‘big bums’ and we needed to cover up our body shape as we needed to be safe. In hindsight, she was absolutely right!!

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Cycle India Day 2 Karauli to Ranthambore (62 miles!) Happy Diwali!

Woke up at 2.30 am, absolutely shattered, had a banana and a cup of tea for brekkie, felt sick (normal for me)

Poor Helen was so poorly so we assured her we would look after her sister Mel and me, Colleen, Jo, Lynn and Angela all decided to cycle together. It started off quite cold which was good and the first and second 12 miles seemed to fly past and it was lovely to shout ‘Happy Diwali’ to everyone and they were all so happy to reply to us as we cycled past. 

Lunch was early at 12 but was under a wonderful canopy that had been beautifully decorated for Diwali.

We were then told that the next few miles would be undulating, some off road with some possible water due to a recent monsoon……… SHE BLOODY LIED!!

For the next 24 miles we were cycling through animal/human waste, off road boulders and rocks that you could not cycle over, fine sand that just stopped you dead and very dirty villages while at the same time, baking in the afternoon heat.

We finished at 16.45 and got the bus to a lovely hotel full of English Guests, called the Tiger Den. There had been no sightings of tigers since October 17 but there was 60 tigers in total in the park. I felt ill with all the heat and cycling and didn’t think I could stand a BnC, but was surprised how quickly I revived!

The briefing for the next day was in only half an hour so we dashed to the room for a wonderful hot shower which was luxurious compared to our cold tent shower the night before!!

We bought some beautiful, colourful Diwali outfits and they were so lovely we decided to wear them again on the following Sunday. Dinner was scrumptious as I chose the fish and not the curry and we were then treated to a firework display where health and safety was obviously unheard of as they were letting fireworks and firecrackers go, directly from their hands!!

Bed was 9.55 as we had another early start planned and 57 miles!!


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Cycle India Day 3 Ranthambore to Talabgaon (57 miles)

Banana and tea for brekkie, no appetite, felt a bit sick again.
I wore my ‘Poppy’top which we bought when we visited Ypres a few years back which Kev gave me for my cycle Cuba challenge.
Today we cycled through many lovely villages and it was lovely to see all the farmers and their immaculately kept miniature tractors that could be seen on several occasions being lovingly washed in the streams and rivers as we cycled past.We past loads of sacred cows that had been painted for Diwali. Every bus or lorry that passed us seemed to have been decorated for Diwali.
We past loads of farmers and their makeshift houses before eventually stopping for lunch in yet another amazingly decorated tent, music was being played from two huge speakers that were attached to a tractor and was a definite ‘must have’ for most of the tractors we came across.The children we met were an absolute delight and we came away with a bangle each and the obligatory bindi.
Our ride finished off on sand that was really hard work as most of us had not practised riding on sand and seemed very precarious. We eventually rode through some double gates into what seemed like a different world. It was a house owned by an ex polo player who’s wife had succumbed to Ovarian Cancer recently and it was all a very emotional experience for him and us. We lit a candle, thinking of those that continue to fight this horrible disease and for those we had lost, I was a wreck.

Me and Colleen had an executive room which was amazing, Clare also had a room but poor Angela, Lyn, Helen and Mel drew the short straw and had a tent which turned out to be awful because of the locals all night partying and the night time cold.I was cozy and slept like a log (Sorry :-))

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Cycle India Day 4 Talabgaon to Dausa (55 miles)

Our breakfast was outside, cold and damp, not the best start.
Wore my Cycle Cuba shirt.
I woke up feeling like shite, sore throat and ‘Delhi Belly’ it was all I needed, it was going to be 55 miles and hilly so wanted to feel good about it, not many photos taken as was just concentrating on getting through it.
Todays ride was to take us into the mountains on the hottest day yet, lovely views though!
Really thought that it would be a miracle if I got through the day, my determination was being tested.
We kept sheltering under trees to try and escape the heat when we could, it was so bloody hot, Mel was done in, bless her and had to take a bit of time out, in the bus which would have been a nightmare in itself as the bus took several attempts to get up some of the hills!!
The next stage we attempted, I can only describe as EXTREME mountain biking!!
There was narrow ledges with BIG drops, motorbikes passing us as we went along and the last 3 miles was very sandy and rocky and Jo had 4 punctures and as a group we had over 80 punctures on this day alone.
To top off the day, I drew the short straw again and ended up in a tent, we had a bucket and a jug for a shower but managed to have a luke warm shower in Helen and Mel’s room before having yet another Dahl curry and then retiring to a cold tent.
The highlight was my phone ringing in the dark, which I nearly ignored but managed to see a +500 being displayed and FALK, Kev rang me from the Falklands!!I was so shocked that he was able to call and it was so nice to hear from him.
Last Cycling day tomorrow and thankfully only 30 miles left!!

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Cycle India Day 5 Last Day’s Cycling. Dausa to Jaipur (30 miles)

No breakfast as had no appetite at all and felt drained
Someone said it’s only 30 miles and after doing 62 it was nothing, didn’t feel like nothing to me!!!
We started off on very rocky roads, Asheif who was one of the lead chaps had told everyone it was all Tarmac roads but it turned out that he got Tarmac and rocks mixed up but we soon realised his mistake!
It was another really hot day, after all the miles we had covered, it was really hard going.
Once we had covered roughly 30 miles we all gathered together so we could all finish together, the bus was parked just up the road. Lyn was the only one who hadn’t got her white WVC shirt on so nipped to the bus to to change.
When she got back to us she said that the finish line was just in front of the bus!! We thought she was joking until we watched the first few girls cross the line and then immediately turn left through some gates. We supported each other all the way through this challenge and it was so good to finally finish.

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Keeping the wheels turning

Well…… less than 7 weeks to go!!!!
Been getting out as much as possible but not as much as I would like.
Got a few ‘bigish’ rides under my belt and a fifty miler planned for this coming Saturday.
Got to be honest, its really hard going but so glad that I am keeping those wheels moving and getting the derrieré used to the seat.
Hubby has been planning routes on Strava so I have got a bit of an idea where we are going and how far before we set off, nothing worse than feeling knackered and having no idea how far is left and in which direction we are going.
Below are my latest two ‘biggish’ rides but still very scary that in India after day one of 43 miles, we then have 62, 57, 55, and finally 30!!!

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50 Mile circular training ride

Well, we thought we had a good idea?
Get them wheels turning with a carefully planned circular route to Collingham which is the other side of Newark, meet up with Mark and Clare (and Beth) and watch their lovely doggies do their thing in the GSP show, catch up with Chris and Keith and then head back.

In reality, it was too bloody far, too bloody hot and I think we buggered ourselves up.
New plan, several shorter rides first before attempting further 40 mile plus rides.

Was still enjoyable (I think) and gets the derriér used to the seat and the legs moving.
Didn’t take many pics but here are a few 🙂

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Friar Tuck 50 Miler

Felt nervous again today, threw my porridge away and didn’t tell the hubby, just can’t eat on these occasions even though I know that a good bowl of porridge is an ideal way to start off before any training ride.
The weather was ideal, sunny but not too hot with a slight breeze, thank goodness we started off at 9.30 ish and we were doing the 50 miler, as it got hot very quick, later on and all the 75, 100 and 125 milers were still out on the road. (just can’t imagine doing those sort of miles!!!)

My change of tyres, getting rid of my big wide knobbly ones, worked a treat and felt so much better.
Overall, the Friar Tuck 50 Miler was pretty flat with the odd hill thrown in, here and there just to get your heart pounding.

Right from the start it was decided that we would stick together even though I am sure Colleen and Lin could have disappeared over the horizon on occasion 🙂

With plenty of encouragement from my hubby and advice, wether I wanted it or not! it turned out to be a lovely ride, well planned and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Even though I know I will have very little time this week to get them wheels turning, I do know what I need to do to ensure my India 2018 challenge is one that I am ready for.
Thanks for all the support Colleen and Lin and of course my hubby, Kev. (he even managed to blag a medal at the finish!!!)

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Cotswolds Training Weekend

Well, had been dreading this, was looking forward to meeting all the ladies who are doing Cycle India 2018 in November but wasn’t looking forward to the actual riding part of the weekend 🙂

My fears came true and I was proud of completing both the 50 mile and 40 mile rides but I really struggled and now realise I have somehow got to find a way to get my bum on my seat and them wheels turning on a much more regular basis between now and November.

There will be some photos appearing as my hubby popped up from time to time, dragging our pooche behind him in the dog trailer while clicking away with the camera.

During the cloudy, sometimes rainy, occasionally sunny but definitely hilly, weekend, met some lovely ladies who nearly all appeared to be ‘proper cyclists’ or was that just how it seemed to me? 🙂

Intend to re visit these two rides in September time to see if the training has helped and to see if somehow the extra fitness level improves the enjoyment of the ride???

Hopefully the two rides will appear below?



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Charity Race Night at the Red Lion, raised an amazing £1226.50p!!

What an amazing night!! We raised a MASSIVE £1,226.50p at the Race Night all in aid of Breast, Cervical and Ovarian cancer. Thank you so much to all the locals, friends and our fab families for all your support.

Also, a massive thank you to all the local businesses who donated such wonderful raffle prizes. X

Had planned to take loads of photos but you’ll have to make due with the hubby and John McCririck.



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