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Welcome to my Fundraising Site, for Breast, Ovarian and Cervical Cancer.

I’m back!!!

In 2011, I cycled across the Rift Valley in Kenya for Women V Cancer, to raise funds and along the way raise vital awareness of breast, ovarian and cervical cancers in memory of my lovely mum-in-law. 
We raised a massive £10,150 for these three great charities and I trained hard and achieved my goal of cycling 250 miles in Kenya, including reaching GOLD by cycling 13 miles up a mountain and reaching the top! It was the most amazing thing I had ever achieved personally whilst raising much needed funds for the charities.
In 2014, I did it again and took on another challenge; to cycle across Cuba and raised a total of £5,500 for the three charities. 
I said I wouldn’t do it again, but these horrendous diseases just aren’t going away are they!?!
My lovely cousin and a friend are doing a sterling job of fighting breast cancer, so I need to do my bit to help and decided that I needed to get back on my bike and cycle again for these three fab charities – Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.
I will be cycling 250 miles over 5 days through Ragasthan in India, leaving on 3 November 2018.  
As before, I will have my trusty cycling trainer and chief fund raiser by my side.  He has promised this time not to give helpful guidance in how to change my gears and in turn, I have promised not to ‘explain politely’ that I know full well how to change them – let the fun begin!
Any donation is very much appreciated, just click on the Justgiving ‘Sponsor Me’ link, thank you very much for any help you can give.
Love Alison x


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50 Mile circular training ride

Well, we thought we had a good idea?
Get them wheels turning with a carefully planned circular route to Collingham which is the other side of Newark, meet up with Mark and Clare (and Beth) and watch their lovely doggies do their thing in the GSP show, catch up with Chris and Keith and then head back.

In reality, it was too bloody far, too bloody hot and I think we buggered ourselves up.
New plan, several shorter rides first before attempting further 40 mile plus rides.

Was still enjoyable (I think) and gets the derriér used to the seat and the legs moving.
Didn’t take many pics but here are a few 🙂

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Friar Tuck 50 Miler

Felt nervous again today, threw my porridge away and didn’t tell the hubby, just can’t eat on these occasions even though I know that a good bowl of porridge is an ideal way to start off before any training ride.
The weather was ideal, sunny but not too hot with a slight breeze, thank goodness we started off at 9.30 ish and we were doing the 50 miler, as it got hot very quick, later on and all the 75, 100 and 125 milers were still out on the road. (just can’t imagine doing those sort of miles!!!)

My change of tyres, getting rid of my big wide knobbly ones, worked a treat and felt so much better.
Overall, the Friar Tuck 50 Miler was pretty flat with the odd hill thrown in, here and there just to get your heart pounding.

Right from the start it was decided that we would stick together even though I am sure Colleen and Lin could have disappeared over the horizon on occasion 🙂

With plenty of encouragement from my hubby and advice, wether I wanted it or not! it turned out to be a lovely ride, well planned and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Even though I know I will have very little time this week to get them wheels turning, I do know what I need to do to ensure my India 2018 challenge is one that I am ready for.
Thanks for all the support Colleen and Lin and of course my hubby, Kev. (he even managed to blag a medal at the finish!!!)

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Cotswolds Training Weekend

Well, had been dreading this, was looking forward to meeting all the ladies who are doing Cycle India 2018 in November but wasn’t looking forward to the actual riding part of the weekend 🙂

My fears came true and I was proud of completing both the 50 mile and 40 mile rides but I really struggled and now realise I have somehow got to find a way to get my bum on my seat and them wheels turning on a much more regular basis between now and November.

There will be some photos appearing as my hubby popped up from time to time, dragging our pooche behind him in the dog trailer while clicking away with the camera.

During the cloudy, sometimes rainy, occasionally sunny but definitely hilly, weekend, met some lovely ladies who nearly all appeared to be ‘proper cyclists’ or was that just how it seemed to me? 🙂

Intend to re visit these two rides in September time to see if the training has helped and to see if somehow the extra fitness level improves the enjoyment of the ride???

Hopefully the two rides will appear below?



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Charity Race Night at the Red Lion, raised an amazing £1226.50p!!

What an amazing night!! We raised a MASSIVE £1,226.50p at the Race Night all in aid of Breast, Cervical and Ovarian cancer. Thank you so much to all the locals, friends and our fab families for all your support.

Also, a massive thank you to all the local businesses who donated such wonderful raffle prizes. X

Had planned to take loads of photos but you’ll have to make due with the hubby and John McCririck.



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Bag packing at Tesco Ollerton 3rd and 4th February

Tesco have given us the go ahead to bag pack in their store, bless em.








Al’s hubby here.

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th Feb we are bag packing again.

Alison and a team on the Saturday and Clare and a team on the Sunday.

So if you see a lot of ladies dressed in pink and maybe a couple of blokes in – Ovarian Cancer Action teeshirts, that’ll be us collecting for Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

The lovely Tesco customers always dig deep whenever we carry out these events and it is so appreciated not only by us but by the charities who receive all the funds raised directly through our JustGiving pages.

If you are interested in what we are doing and would possibly consider a small donation then please visit our JustGiving pages below.

Alison’s JustGiving Page     

Clare’s JustGiving Page

Photos of both the Saturday and Sunday will appear here later 🙂

Our intention was to have a group photo plus a few action photos but my great nephew (8) was in charge of the camera … enough said. Sorry he missed you off our Ange and Chris.

Bag packing went really well, was very busy and hard work but we do it again on Sunday with Clare and team, hopefully some better photos to follow x

Well, an absolutely fantastic response from all the lovely Tesco customers, definitely need to work on the photos but bag packing on the Saturday and the Sunday raised an amazing £1285!!!!

A whopping £725 on the Saturday and £660 on the Sunday!!

The fundraising is going well but will soon be time to start to get those wheels turning!

If you are reading this and happened to see us all in our pink WvC teeshirts, thank you so much for every penny that you threw into our buckets, all the money will be re counted and with the charities as soon as possible via our just giving pages. xx

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The training wheels have started turning and another bag pack is booked in!

No mileage recorded, just a nice leisurely meander through Sherwood Forest.
Just wanted to make a start but also been to a ‘Boot Camp’ training session in the morning so maybe overdid it a bit as everything aches apart from my teeth!!
Was really nice to get out again on the bike, a lovely crisp day, no comments from the hubby/training partner regarding gear selection, so all was good.

Plan to try and get out once or twice in the week followed by ever increasing longer rides at the weekends.
On the fundraising front, another bag pack has been booked for the first weekend of Feb at Tesco Ollerton, hopefully we’ll get two teams for both the Saturday and the Sunday, fingers crossed 🙂

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Our 2nd Bag Pack is in the bag (see what I did there?)

We have just got our 2nd date for bag packing for the Cycle India Challenge, Sunday 19th November at Morrisons in Worksop.

We hope to have two teams of five, one packing from 10 till 1 and the other 1 till 4.

Hopefully this time we will get more pictures taken, so fingers crossed and will update this post once we are all finished, counted up and money raised, sent off to Women V Cancer.

UPDATE 19/11      All went very well, we managed to raise a brilliant £389 thanks to the lovely Morrison’s customers.

My hubby has said he must sort out  the picture side of things, when it comes to the actual cycling we tend to take loads but always seem too busy when bag packing….. next time will be better 🙂

Pics below of 3 of the team, Al, Helen and Kaz, rest of the team with no pictures to prove it were Kev, Antonio, Mark, Clare and Joe.

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Our first bag pack for Cycle India 2018

Since my last post, my friend Clare has decided to join me on this amazing adventure, we have decided to fundraise together and obviously train together (when we get around to it)

My JustGiving Page

Clare’s JustGiving Page

We managed to round up/coherse/beg several volunteers for our first bag pack so a massive thank you to my hubby, Ange, Beth, Lou, Joe, Kaz and Antonio who all did a fantastic job.

Hubby apologises for the lack of pictures, was supposed to get a group picture but just didn’t get around to it.

The customers of Ollerton Tesco were amazing and even when they didn’t want their bags packed, still contributed to these worthy causes, fighting Breast, Cervical and Ovarian cancers.

We managed to raise an amazing £713!!!!

Here are a few pics of the fundraising gang.

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An amazing £40 donation from all the Pinxton Gang at Tom Jones Concert

On Saturday the 24th June me and my hubby walked up to the local ‘Sherwood Pines’ for the much anticipated Tom Jones concert. We encamped next to 3 couples who turned out to be from Pinxton.

Several BnC’s, WnC’s and lots of dancing and singing later we settled back into our seats and in our drunken states the conversation got round to my upcoming 2018 Cycle India fundraising and the lovely Pinxton Gang produced £40!!

Thank you so so much, how generous, I really wish I could remember your names!?!

If anyone of you get to read this then please comment, it would be lovely to know that you realise that your money has been donated.

Thanks again

Alison x


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The Fundraising has started!

As we are still getting our heads around organising bag packing events and thinking about all the other ways we can start fundraising, Alison Flint and Alison Lausi have started the ball rolling.
Thank you so so much to you lovely ladies, it really is appreciated.
When I went to my JustGiving page I was again amazed by yet another anonymous donation of £20 from some lovely person, all this, before the pedals have even began to turn!

(The money has already been received by the 3 charities I am raising funds for)

The general, very loose plan, is to start training probably about the beginning of April.

In the mean time me and Kev plan to book in a few bag packing sessions at local Asda, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s, maybe a ‘cake baking against cancer’ coffee morning?

Once the training starts, I am sure Kev will be busy snapping away with our camera and photos of what we are up to will start to appear, covering our training as well as the fundraising.

Thanks again you lovely Alisons and my other annonymous donator x x x 

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